Is GH Releaser Genf20 Plus Backed By Science?

The human growth hormone (HGH) is a protein made by the anterior pituitary gland, located in the brain. It is released and sent to various parts of the body through the bloodstream.

When we’re young, human growth hormone levels are at their highest and decline steadily as we age.

As its name suggests, this protein plays a role in stimulating growth, but it also has the following effects:
  • Helps build muscle
  • Increases energy
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Increases stamina

Both versions of the hormone, particularly the synthetic kind, can cause issues related to the heart, muscle pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, fluid retention, and high blood sugar levels, so caution must be taken when attempting to use it.

But there are ways in which one can reap the benefits of taking the growth hormone without paying exorbitant prices for the actual product.

Today, there are supplements which help our pituitary gland release HGH. These pills have been on the market for some time now, but are there any that are backed by great science? Here is one such supplement which has been reviewed by the scientific community.

GenF20 Plus

A study, done over a 12-week period was conducted to determine whether GenF20 Plus stimulates the pituitary gland enough to produce HGH. The participants were split into two groups where one received the product and the other, a placebo.

By the end of the study, researchers did notice an increase in the IGF-1 serum levels (a substance which is stimulated by HGH release and is responsible for the effects of the growth hormone) of those who received the product, when compared to those who took the placebo.

In the younger groups, however, there was not much of a difference because the members were still able to create sufficient HGH on their own.

The results of the study did prove that GenF20 Plus was helpful in increasing IGF-1 levels, and by extension, HGH.

Beyond GenF20 Plus, no other growth hormone releasing supplement has sufficient evidence to warrant the approval of the scientific community. Many of them have never been studied, while others used samples that were too small to be representative of any population.

There have been studies conducted by the Food and Drug Administration that have disproven claims made by some of the companies selling supplements, which ultimately resulted in them having to shut down.

One such example is Nature’s Youth’s human growth hormone. The company claimed that their product was a growth hormone releaser but the FDA stated that it was not. The parent company Nature’s Youth LLC voluntarily destroyed over half a million dollars of their product.

The use of supplements isn’t always necessary, as many experts have commented on. There are other ways to take control, if you will, of the HGH you produce. Doing the following can stimulate the pituitary into producing growth hormone:
  • Doing high-intensity interval training
  • Avoiding sugary food and drinks, especially after a workout
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Losing body fat
  • Not eating too much before bedtime

The keywords here are ‘growth hormone releasing supplements,’ and not ‘growth hormone supplements.’  Example:  Genf20 Plus growth hormone releaser.

Knowing the difference between the two can save you lots of money and even some health-related side effects, too.